First Post

written on January 20, 2024

This post is just to sketch out a rough list of topics I’m interested in and would like to write something about. For example, let’s imagine that the total work experience is first of all events and people, and then technology.

I will try to describe my experience in the form of a timeline, along which I faced work challenges, received advice from colleagues, read books, researched solutions, searched for and applied various software technologies, expanded the areas of availability and responsibility.

To begin, for this first post, cumulatively, my experiences can be summarized as a pipeline:

  • 2004–2010: web development
    • 2010–2011: media design
      • 2011–2016: enterprise business development
        • 2016–2022: banking and non-bank processing systems
          • 2020–2022: analytics, refactoring and re-engineering
            • 2022–2023: cloud product development
              • 2023–present: infrastructure duplex api development

Ok. I think that’s enough for now 😏
After all, I’ve started working on my writing muscle. 💪🏼

As they say, farther means more.